B&N Book Club Pick for February

Things that I didn’t know existed but glad they do: The Barnes & Noble science fiction and fantasy book club.  The club picks 3 books a month, then discusses them in the forums online.

I only discovered the club because they picked Pandemonium as one of their books for February (God bless Google Alerts, the #1 ego surfing tool). I’m planning on hovering around the forum that month, ready to answer questions, in the same way that I nervously hover around someone reading my stories in front of me — are they laughing? At the right parts? Why are they frowning?

Anyway, they’re reading great books, so you might want to join the conversation. I’ve heard especially good things about Alchemy of Stone, and Ken Scholes’ book Lamentation.  Here’s the list for the next three months:

Feature #1: Bones of the Dragon by Weis and Hickman (9780765319739, $24.95)
Feature #2: Watermind by M.M. Buckner (9780765320247, $24.95)
Feature #3: The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia (9780809572847, $12.95)

Feature #1: The Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl (9780345470218, $27.00) 11/11
Feature #2: The Suicide Collectors by David Oppegaard (9780312381103, $23.95) – debut
Feature #3: Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory (9780345501165, $13.00) – debut fantasy

Feature #1: Lamentation by Ken Scholes (9780765321275, $25.95) – Ken is visiting all month!
Feature #2: Black Blood by John Meaney (9780553806717, $24.00)
Feature #3: Bone Song by John Meaney (9780553590951, $6.99)

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