5 Things

Some things that have been on my mind, or recently escaped from it:

  • I want my Sean Stewart. On the SF Novelists blog a few days ago, I wrote an open letter to Sean Stewart demanding that he stop working on ground-breaking interactive games and write new novels. I don’t think it’ll work, but dammit, I love his books, and nobody said bloggers have to be rational.
  • Russians, however, want Georgia and Pandemonium. The Russian rights to the book sold weeks ago, evidently prompting them to invade countries that do not support new science fiction.
  • Books are here! Del Rey sent my author’s copies, and they’re lovely to look at it. At WorldCon, Borderlands Bookstore owner Alan Beatts told me I’d won the cover lottery, and explained how the cover “read” very well from 10 feet away. So, let me give another shout out to Greg Ruth, the cover artist.
  • You can get your own at the Book Launch Party. Come to Barnes & Noble of State College on Sunday, September 7, at 3pm, then over to my house for beer and chili — directions to the homestead will be distributied at the signing, or you can email me.