Dracula arises!

The first review of Dracula: Company of Monsters is up on Newsarama, and it’s a kind review at that. They’re completely right about Scott Godlewski’s art and Stephen Downer’s coloring. Fantastic stuff.

Update: Second review (also very nice — a 7.9 out 8.0) from the Multiversity Comics site.

Oh, and I recently did a couple interviews. In the Talking Comics with Tim column on the Robot 6 blog, Tim and I… talk. About comics. And things like how Kurt Busiek and I split the writing work, the difference between writing novels and writing comics, and my life as a corporate drone.

And over on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog (Joe is a producer and writer on the Stargate TV franchise, and his first short story is in the Masked superhero anthology), I answer questions from readers. Joe picked The Devil’s Alphabet as his book of the month, then generously opened his blog for discussion. As Joe called the post:

Author Daryl Gregory makes a return visit to discuss the Kirby-Lee gene, the mystifying popularity of the Kardashians, and, oh yeah, his novel The Devil’s Alphabet!

Some Dracula stuff is in there as well.

And did I mention that Dracula #1 comes out today? No? Well it does. And if you’re in State College Saturday, stop by the Comic Swap from 1:00-2:00 pm and I’ll sign your copy. And any blank checks you have.


Signing My Name in Blood

Hey folks, quick word: We’re on for the signing of Dracula: Company of Monsters #1 at my favorite comic shop, the Comic Swap in State College.

It’s on Saturday, August 28, from 1 to 2 PM. The Comic Swap is 110 South Fraser Street  in downtown State College, tucked neatly near the Dunkin Donuts.

If you’ve got a comic fan in your family — or if you want to dip your toes into the graphical awesomeness that is modern comics (and not just the one I’m working on) — come on by. I’ll sign comics, and anything else you want me to — I’m that accommodating.

Twelve pages o’ Vlad

CBR — Comic Book Resources, natch — has posted up a 12-page preview of Dracula: Company of Monsters #1.

The release date is now set at August 25. The guys at The Comic Swap in downtown State College have been nice enough to host a signing, and I’ll have an exact date on that soon. (Though lay money on August 28.)

For a comment on the news, here’s a message from  Daryl Gregory, 9 years old, calling from 1974:


Page 1

I’m not here

Today I’m not blogging. Today, I’m spending all day writing the script for Dracula #4, and big exciting things are supposed to happen in this issue.

But YESTERDAY I popped in on Joe Mallozzi’s blog to talk about my story in MASKED (that superhero anthology I keep mentioning) — and to kinda sorta refute charges of metafictionalism and deconstruction.

So please, stop reading. I’m not here.

Who knew you were so nice, August?

I’m not sure how it happened, but evidently it’s August.  I know there was a July in there somewhere. But suddenly I’m aware of how many things are coming up this month, and surprisingly enough, they’re all good.

This Saturday, August 7, at 4pm, I’ll be signing and answering questions at the Borders store in Camp Hill, PA, just outside Harrisburg. If you know anyone in the area, tell them to stop on down. Don’t make me beg.

Oh, and August means that The Devil’s Alphabet is officially the book of the month at Joe Mallozzi’s blog. Joe’s a fellow contributor to Masked, the superhero anthology, and also a producer of Stargate Universe. I’ll be answering questions on Joe’s blog starting next week. And in September, the BotM will be Masked, and to ramp up, the contributing writers are talking about their stories, why they wrote them, and how they came to be involved in the anthology.  Paul Cornell’s entry up there now.

The official Masked Ad. Accept no substitutes.

Masked is racking up positive reviews all over the place, like here, here, and here. And here. And this io9 review kicked off a buying spree at Amazon.

Plus, Locus and BookList ran print reviews. It’s so nice to see the prose superhero getting some love.

Oh, and it looks like the first issue of Dracula: Company of Monsters is on track for an end-of-August publish date. The issue just went to the printers, and at the end of the month I’ll be doing a signing at The Comic Swap, my local (and wonderful) comic book shop. I’ll have an exact date for you later.

I can tell you that the art for issue 1 kicks ass. Thanks, Scott Godlewski! We showed off the first six pages to a room of fans at Comic-Con a couples weeks ago. And last night I finished the first draft of the script for Issue 3, where I got to introduce the vampire hunters. I’m having having more fun than should be allowed.

Speaking of more fun, August is the last month of full-time employment. Starting September 1 I get to go back to half time, which means I can get a lot more writing done. Or if not more, then the same amount without driving me or my family insane.  Yes, it feels weird to be cutting back on a day job when some friends and relatives can’t find any work. Mostly I feel very, very lucky.

So, August. You’re looking pretty good to me right now. Don’t turn on me, okay?