Happy Halloween! I’m O So Positive

You know, people come up to me all the time as I’m out raking leaves, and they ask me two questions: One, what should I get my mother for Halloween? And two, why are you in my yard at 3AM? I have this to say to them: Fresh graves don’t cover themselves, and Moms go wild for Dracula: Company of Monsters.

See, Drac #3 comes out Wed. the 27th, just in time for Christine ODonnell’s* favorite holiday. No, not Anti-Masturbation Day (that’s in November) — I’m talking Halloween. The nice people over at Robot 6 ROBOT 666 are running a big juicy 10-page preview of the issue.

I really enjoyed writing this issue, because it introduces the fightin’ Stefanescus from Basov, Romania — a family of kick-ass vampire hunters. The Drac Kill Krewe (as they were instantly nicknamed by editor Dafna Pleban), feature Scott Godlewski’s fabulous character designs, and I had a blast working with them on fleshing these guys out.  They show up right on page 1 of that preview. Oh, and also check out the Drac containment vest, which may be the coolest thing that’s sprung from Busiek’s mind since… well, he thinks of awesome ideas pretty much on an hourly basis, so let’s just say, Since Lunch.

*I fervently hope that when people stumble across this blog post 18 months from now, they’ll say, Christine who?


Pandemonium, now in Zesty Italian

Today I got an email from Antonello Silverini, the artist who did the cover for the Italian version of Pandemonium now available from the publishing house Fanucci Editore– and the cover is quite cool. He went for the pure Americana at the heart of the book, which is all about pop culture, comic books, and science fiction going back to the 40’s, and the cover includes all kinds of “clues” and references from the book. I love it.

Pandemonium Italian Cover

Click to see a large version

Check out Antonello’s website, antonellosilverini.com for his portfolio. He does very interesting things with photos and collage and text, and you know that he’s pays special attention to the content of the novels he’s illustrating, looking through the book for the right image to illustrate. You MUST check out his series of Philip K Dick covers.  His Man in the High Castle particularly knocks me out.

The Messiah Returns

New News About Old News, Take 1:

Thanks to GoogleStats, I know that one of my most popular blog posts is the first one I ever wrote, in June 2007: Virgin Hammerhead Gives Birth to Shark Messiah. What can I say? When I first started blogging I thought I would fill my site with handcrafted comedy — and I’d been reading a lot of The Onion.

New News About Old News, Take 2:

Almost two years ago I was mentioned in an article by SF Signal called Who Are the Next Big Genre Stars? Editors of various stripes put together a list of 18 new writers to keep an eye on. It completely failed to change my life.

But thank the great Spaghetti Monster, SF Signal keeps trying to help a brother out. Yesterday they ran a followup article, The Next Big Genre Stars… In their own Words, where some of the writers in that list answered this question: “What story or stories, by you, would you recommend for readers new to your work?” Which meant the writers had to overcome their natural shyness about self-promotion — I kill me — and talk about themselves.  But there are lotsa links to good stories, there.

Actual New News:

I’m getting ready to go to the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio at the end of the month. Very much looking forward to seeing old friends and reconnect with the spec fic world, and if you’re going, hunt me down in the bar. I’ll be wearing the Shark Messiah Pope Hat.