I’ve Entered a Future

Hey, so here’s a cool thing:

My story “Second Person, Present Tense,” which first appeared in Asimov’s Magazine, is being reprinted in Enter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov’s Science Fiction, an ebook exclusive to Amazon. (Is it still called “reprinted” if it’s an ebook? Yes, yes it is.)

The anthology features stories selected by Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams. Or as the blurb has it, “exciting and richly rewarding tales by some of today’s best-known Science Fiction writers and several of its most talented newcomers.”

I’m not sure where I fall in there. I feel like I’ve been around too long to be a newcomer, but I’m definitely not in the “best-known” category. I guess it wouldn’t be impressive to say, “and other writers.” Then again,  compared to Robert Silverberg, I am a fetus of the field.

But I digress.

I’m honored to be in such a kickass table of contents. And it’s only $5.99! Download now and fill your Kindle, iPad, or smartphone with some goodness.


Devil’s Alphabet Plushie

My friend Juan-Diego Gomez sent me this link to a very interesting toy that io9 found at  Toy Fair 2011. It’s a chub!

Okay, technically it’s not one of the obese, drug-oozing alt-humans from The Devil’s Alphabet — it’s actually a “boomer” zombie from the video game Left For Dead — but it’s close enough in my book. Who knew pus blisters could be so adorable?

When it Rains it Pods

I know what you’re asking yourself: Sure, not reading Daryl’s blog posts is great, but what if you also don’t want to listen to Daryl?

I’m here for you. My suggestion? Download two podcast interviews with me, then turn the volume down — way down. Perhaps you’d simply like a faint whine to accompany you while you fold clothes. Or a low murmur to lull you sleep. I’m great for putting people to sleep. Well, unless I get to bed before you, in which case my snoring kicks in, and then no one gets to sleep. I’m talking CIA-banned, Geneva-convention-breaking, Abu Ghraib-quality snoring.

But I digress. On to the podcasts.

SF Signal Episode 27. I sat down with SF critic and NASA physicist Karen Burnham to talk about short stories, novels, and everything in between, while Pod-Master Patrick Hester chimed in. And by “sat down” I mean we were all at our respective computers, Skyping away. I fear that by the end of the interview we were finding ourselves entirely too amusing, but I had a blast.

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing Episode 114 . Moses Siregar and I actually sat down to talk. The interview was recorded last October, when we were at World Fantasy Con in Columbus, OH. As Moses wolfed down Chinese noodles and I sipped coffee, we once again had entirely too much fun. As the ASFP website describes it, we discussed “the lack of religion in Middle Earth (no touched-by-Gandalf jokes please), writing short stories, novels, and comics, genre-blending, strangeness, and humor in prose.”

Sweet dreams.