MeThis is the website of Daryl Gregory, award-winning writer of genre-mixing novels, stories, and comics. He doesn’t usually talk about himself in the third person. So let’s drop that, eh? Hi there.

My next novel for adults is Spoonbenders, to be published sometime in the future by Alfred A. Knopf. It’s also been optioned for TV by Paramount TV, which means a show may or may not appear sometime further in the future.

My next novel for young adults of all ages is the book 2 in the Harrison Squared series. We really need to decide on a title for that one.

My novella We Are All Completely Fine came out in 2014 from Tachyon Publications and recently won the World Fantasy Award and the Shirley Jackson Award. It was also a finalist for the Nebula,  Locus, and Sturgeon awards. Wes Craven’s production company is developing the book into a show for the SyFy channel.

My blog starts here. You can also follow me on twitter at @darylwriterguy

Below are some things I wrote.

Harrison Squared (Tore, 2015)

Harrison Squared
Lovecraftian adventure for young adults of all ages.

We Are All Completely Fine (Tachyon, 2014)

We Are All Completely Fine
A novella about small group therapy and monsters.

Afterparty (Tor, 2014)

An SF novel about neuroscience, crime, and chemical religion.

Raising Stony Mayhall (Del Rey, 2011)

Raising Stony Mayhall
A novel about the last living dead boy in the world.

Unpossible (Fairwood Press, 2011)

Unpossible and Other Stories
A short-story collection

The Devil's Alphabet (Del Rey, 2009)

The Devil’s Alphabet
A novel of murder and transformation.

Pandemonium (Del Rey, 2008)

A novel about family possessions.

Recent Posts

We Are All Completely Fine in Israel

Hot off the presses! The Israeli edition of  We Are All Completely Fine is now available. It’s published by that smiling man below, Rani Graff, and translated into Hebrew by Didi Chonoch. This is my third book with Graff Publishing, after Pandemonium and The Devil’s Alphabet, which won the Geffen Award for best translated novel. I’m kinda sorta thrilled. I love that cover.


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