I teach writing workshops and make the slides and materials available here. You’re free to download them—even if you haven’t attended the workshop.

ICon Workshop
Tel Aviv, Israel 2013-09-23

Running from Bears—the 90-minute version

Class Slides

Contentless Scene Exercise

David Mamet Memo

Nittany Valley Writers
State College 2013-04-09

Running from Bears—the one-hour version

Class Slides

Contentless Scene Exercise

David Mamet Memo

Clarion West Workshop
Seattle 2013-03-03

Running from Bears

Class Slides

Contentless Scene

Contentless Scene — The Seven Situations

David Mamet Memo

Thin Man Excerpt

Excerpt from The Curious Incident

Shipping News Excerpt

Cryptonomicon pgs 270-271

“The Descendents” script excerpt:

Descendants Script

4 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Hi Mr. Gregory,
    I host the podcast New Books in Science Fiction & Fantasy on the New Books Network. You can check it out here: I’d love to have you on the show to talk about Harrison Squared or anything else you’d like to muse about. It’ll be fun, I promise. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks! Regards, Rob

  2. Hi Mr. Gregory, my name is CF and I’m currently in the process of adapting your story “Damascus” into a radio play. You and I have talked briefly on Twitter. You gave me the name of your agent, Seth Fishman, who I looked up but was unable to send an email due to a broken link. I’m curious if you have another way of contacting him?

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