MeThis is the website of Daryl Gregory, award-winning writer of genre-mixing novels, stories, and comics. He doesn’t usually talk about himself in the third person. So let’s drop that, eh? Hi there.

The latest news is that Afterparty, my near-future SF novel about neuroscience, drugs, crime, and the numinous, came out April 22, 2014 from Tor books. Reviews (including starred reviews from Kirkus and Library Journal) are appearing . Also…

After Afterparty, I’ve got a couple more things lined up. We Are All Completely Fine, a novella, will be out this August from Tachyon Publications, and Harrison Squared, a YA horror novel, will be published by Tor in early 2015.

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Below are some things I wrote.

We Are All Completely Fine (Tachyon, 2014)

We Are All Completely Fine

A novella about small group therapy and monsters.

Afterparty (Tor, 2014)


An SF novel about neuroscience, crime, and chemical religion.

Raising Stony Mayhall (Del Rey, 2011)

Raising Stony Mayhall

A novel about the last living dead boy in the world.

Unpossible (Fairwood Press, 2011)

Unpossible and Other Stories

A short-story collection

The Devil's Alphabet (Del Rey, 2009)

The Devil’s Alphabet

A novel of murder and transformation.

Pandemonium (Del Rey, 2008)


A novel about family possessions.

Recent Posts

My Worldcon 2014 Schedule

Ooh, I’m getting excited about LonCon 3 — the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention to you civilians. I’ll be launching two books while I’m there: We Are All Completely Fine, and the UK edition of Afterparty, by Titan Books. As well as, you know, drinking beer and eating curry and sweeping chimneys and whatever else you do in London.

The full schedule isn’t out, but here are the two panels I know I’ll be on:

Sympathy for the Zombie Friday 12:00 – 13:30
Me, with Deborah Christie, David Towsey, Laurie Penny, Claudia Kern

According to M John Harrison, “The zombie is the ultimate other in a neoliberal society … they will never embarrass you by revealing their humanity.” To what extent does this reading explain the popularity of zombie franchises? And what are we to make of works such as Warm Blood, The Returned and In The Flesh, that start to rehumanise the zombie?

Imaginative Resistance Saturday 11:00 – 12:00
Me, with Jeff VanderMeer, Robert Jackson Bennett, Pat Cadigan, Sarita Robinson

Hume in his essay ‘Of The Standard of Taste’ asked why we are willing to suspend disbelief when authors make all sorts of wild claims but draw the line when the author makes moral claims contrary to our own. This might be less true today than it was in Hume’s time but we have our own moral rubicons. From sexual taboos to the role of government, what are the sort of things that readers tend to reject regardless of how skillfully the author makes the case? In other words, what sort of stories provoke imaginative resistance? How can this feeling be used to deliberate effect, for example within the horror genre?

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