The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm

“The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm”

Rich Horton, Locus Magazine

After reviewing first the science fiction stories, then the fantasy stories in Eclipse 2, he ends with this:

Finally a borderline case is also among the best stories here. “The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm” by Daryl Gregory tells of an island ruled by Lord Grimm, who seems obsessed with opposing the United States’s superheroes. He has kidnapped another, and the inevitable result is war—again. Just as inevitably, it is ordinary people like the heroine, who works in a factory making robots to fight the superheroes, who face the brunt of the catasrophic results of war. The political overtones are obvious enough, and well expressed.

Eclipse 2 is another first-rate original anthology—better than its predecessor, and hopefully a harbinger of a series that may eventually stand with the likes of New Dimensions and Universe.

—Locus 574, November 2008


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