Join me for Workshops in Aspen and Seattle

Aspen, Oct. 13 2018: One-Day Workshop

10am-4pm. $95 Get more details and register

I’ll be teaching a one-day workshop that concentrates on plotting and storytelling. Through exercises and discussion you’ll learn practical techniques for creating dynamic plots, believable characters, and scenes that matter.  The workshop is brought to you by  Aspen Words, part of the Aspen Writers Network.  Get more details and register here.

Seattle, Nov. 11 2018 1-Day Intensive Novel Workshop

West Seattle, 10am-5pm, $110.

To register and get more info, contact Leslie Howle at  or call her at 206-799-2030

This hands-on, personalized workshop is limited to six writers.  It’s designed for people who are currently working on a novel, whether they’ve finished a draft, have started writing but haven’t finished, or are laying the groundwork for a book. The goal is that each writer walks out with the tools and new ideas to tackle the next draft and finish the novel.

You’ll send in advance a synopsis of your novel (1 to 5 pages)—even if you’re not sure how it ends. Also send a few paragraphs about issues or problems that you want to work on: plot, character development, openings and endings, world building, point of view… anything at all.  If you’ve started writing, also send the opening chapters, up to 50 pages. In return, you’ll receive everyone else’s materials, so come ready to discuss them.

At the workshop, we’ll discuss each book in detail, starting with the plot skeleton: Do you have a plot that tells the story you want to tell, and arrives at an ending that’s satisfying? We’ll discuss how to make each chapter dramatic and emotionally engaging, how to keep the story moving, and how discovering your theme can shape your rewrite.

Seattle Feb. 10, 2019 Clarion West 1-Day Workshop

Details to come.