Reading at the Tuesday Funk

I’ve been away. Mostly writing, writing hard, like a veritable pony express rider — nay, Pony Express Writer. Bringing the words ‘cross the plains, people.  Soon — after contracts have been signed, etc. — I’ll be able to explain what I’ve been working on.

But meanwhile, can I talk about my website redesign? I hired my son to move all the content from my old website to this blog. Which brings us to the first rule of Website Redesign:

First Rule of Website Redesign

Nobody cares about your website redesign.

Related Rule

Nobody cares about your new smart phone.

Meanwhile, can I tell you what a wonderful time I had in Chicago recently? The World Science Fiction Convention was there, in my home town*, and I got to see so many good friends and meet new people. But the best part was doing a reading at The Tuesday Funk, a monthly reading series run by Sara Ross Witt and good friend Bill Shunn. Bill composes a poem for each Funk, which on the night I participated was this EPICALLY PROFANE EPIC POEM “Grand Motherfucker”. Please listen.

I also got to share the stage with pals Adam Rakunas (who read this excerpt from “The Right People” one of my all-time favorite stories), and Rae Carson (who read this excerpt from an upcoming book which I know will sell gazillions of copies — she’s great).

And here’s what I read, a short story called “Persistence.”