The Pandemonium Synopsis vs The Ruthless Red Pencil

Friend and fellow-writer Joshua Palmatier has been organizing a pretty cool series of projects that are of interest to new writers, or anyone else curious about the unseemly sausage-making process that is book selling and publishing. First there was the Plot Synopsis Project, in which Joshua invited writers to post up the synopses of their books all on the same day, followed by the Query Letter Project. Now there’s Plot Synopsis Project Part 2, which I jumped on board for.  All the posts went live on September 19.

On my main site you can find four drafts of the Pandemonium synopsis. Why four? because it took me that long to do it adequately. And the only reason I know it was adequate is that I eventually found an agent and the book sold—so at the very least, the synopsis didn’t sabotage the novel entirely. 

Other writers participating in PSP Part 2: