Phone call from 1952

At least, that’s what it sounds like. My phone-in interview on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib, the Philly radio show on WNJC-1360 AM, is now available in podcast form. You can listen to the full show, or download just my 15 minutes of radio fame (12mb MP3).

Sohaib, speaking from the studio, sounds great. Me, I sound like I’m barking through a time vortex using nothing but a Bakelite handset, rusty magnets, and a hand crank.

But I actually had a lot of fun talking to Sohaib. As I mentioned in a previous post, he was scarily enthusiastic about Pandemonium, and we talked about genre-bending, Philip K Dick, and how much I look like Christian Bale. (Actually, only I brought that up.)

But listen to the whole show, where he talks to some comic writers, including the legendary Jim Shooter.