Do it for Thelma on December 15

The other day I answered Five Questions over on Neth Space. Ken Fergason dares to ask the questions no else dares to, such as, “If JoePa were a demonic archetype, what role would he play in your fiction?” 

Question #5 was this:


Why should Pandemonium be the next book that everyone reads?

DJG: Do it for my mother. When I started my writing career, she said, You know what you ought to do, DJ? (My family calls me DJ.) You should write a best-seller.This seemed like excellent advice. But how to execute it?

Your question, Ken, points the way. If everyone—and I mean everyone, each man, woman, and child on this planet, plus any Russians and billionaires currently in orbit—makesPandemonium the next book they read, then my mother’s dream can become a reality. You don’t even have to read the book, you just have to buy it. Let’s pick a day in December. December 15th. On that day, go out or get online and buy a copy for yourself and one for any relative that is bed-ridden and/or computer illiterate.

Come on, people, we can do this. If we can just put aside our petty excuses—for example, that you don’t like science fiction, or that you don’t read English, or that your refugee camp doesn’t have a decent internet connection—if we can just stop all that whining for a minute and buy my book, then, finally, my mother, Thelma Gregory, will know I’m a success. For more information on Do It For Thelma Day, see my website.

And now Emily Balistrieri, a woman I’ve never met before, has started a facebook event group called Buy Daryl Gregory’s Pandemonium Dec 15th.  There are already 21 members, some of whom aren’t even relatives. Emily is also blipping it. It’s an Obama-like groundswell of support, people!

We are only a billion or so buyers short of making my mom’s dream a reality. So join the group, blip the event, buy a book on December 15, and make a grown woman cry. With happiness. 

Do it for Thelma



5 thoughts on “Do it for Thelma on December 15

  1. HI Daryl
    Do you remember me. I am Scott, Keith, and Dana’s mother. I have known you since you were a little boy at Welcome Hill. I recently saw your mom and dad on their trip with Johnny and Shirley to Alabama, which is where we now live. I wish you all great successes with your book. Your family is very proud of you whether your book becomes a best seller or not, but I have faith that it will be.
    Mary Jo Massingill (Hedge)

  2. Hi Mary Jo! Good to hear from you!

    Yeah, the parents are proud of me regardless — they’re awfully nice that way. Still, it would be nice to Blow their Minds.

    Anyway, thanks for looking me up to say such nice things.


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