San Francisco Loves Thelma. But do you?

The San Francisco Chronicle just named Pandemonium as one of its 10 SF Holiday Books for 2008. This is positive news for Do it for Thelma Day, but frankly it’s not enough. The population of the earth is about 6.72 billion. And the Thelma Day supporting Facebook group is only up to 75 as of November 24.

Now sure, you may say that Thelma Day is about buying the book on December 15, and most of the globe isn’t even on Facebook. True, true. But as an indicator of planetary participation, it’s worrisome. And I don’t like to make Mom worry.

But we can turn this around for her. By the end of Thanksgiving weekend, if the Facebook group adds only, say, 20% of the world’s population — 1,344,000,000 people, give or take — can you imagine how proud Thelma will be?

I’ll be seeing Mom next Thursday for the big day. Nobody wants to see a grown woman cry.  So sign up your friends, pets, and ancestors for Facebook and the group, and let’s give Thelma something to be thankful for.