Finally, after keeping up my subscription for 22 years

Hey, Pandemonium made the Locus Awards short list for best first novel!

If only I could be there in person.  Then Paul Melko and I could duel to the death for the prize — while this plays in the background.*

(Extra nerd points if you recognized the soundtrack from “Amok Time” episode of Star Trek, the classic Spock/Kirk fight where Spock is mad with 7-Year Vulcan Lust. Pon farr, baby. Until just now I did not know that Theodore Sturgeon wrote that episode.)


Shirley, You must be Joking

I really should have blogged something lately, maybe something about my friends, or something good I’ve read, or something good I’ve read written by friends (hello? Jack Skillingstead’s forthcoming novel, Harbinger? Watch for it.) But instead, after a lengthy silence, more about ME.

Like me and my opinion on the forgotten classics of science fiction. I participated in one of SF Signal’s Mind Melds on the topic, and took the opportunity to talk about the books that influenced me in the 90’s–the weird, not quite rational fantasies of Rachel Pollack, Patricia Anthony, and especially Sean Stewart—each of which needs to be back in print.

But wait, there’s more about me. Yesterday they announced the Shirley Jackson Awards ballot and Pandemonium is a nominee in the novel category (as opposed to what, Daryl? Best interpretive dance?). The awards are given for “outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.” For those new to the industry, “dark fantastic” is just like the fantastic, but harder to see.

They give out the award this July at ReaderCon in Boston. Fortunately, I go to that convention every year, so I’ll be there in person to either (a) smile manfully as the award goes to someone else, or (b) faint. Bet on (a)!

Tomorrow, I shall overcome my narcissism. Because nobody overcomes narcissism like me.