Finally, after keeping up my subscription for 22 years

Hey, Pandemonium made the Locus Awards short list for best first novel!

If only I could be there in person.  Then Paul Melko and I could duel to the death for the prize — while this plays in the background.*

(Extra nerd points if you recognized the soundtrack from “Amok Time” episode of Star Trek, the classic Spock/Kirk fight where Spock is mad with 7-Year Vulcan Lust. Pon farr, baby. Until just now I did not know that Theodore Sturgeon wrote that episode.)


4 thoughts on “Finally, after keeping up my subscription for 22 years

  1. Haha!! That was totally my thought when I saw the list–Daryl/Paul death match!!!!

    I would pay money for that.

    Congratulations!! You’re ending up on all sorts of great lists!

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