Czech it Out

Got an email this morning from Martin Šust with a link to the cover for the Czech edition of Pandemonium, by the artist Jan Dolezalek, AKA HunteR. The book is now on sale from TRITON publishing. Click for the full size!

Pandemonium, the Czech edition

Pandemonium, the Czech edition


6 thoughts on “Czech it Out

  1. That’s a cool cover too. Definitely darker.

    Why do they do different covers for different countries?


    • As I understand it, each publishing company either has to pay the artist for the rights to the US edition cover, or pay for their own cover. So it’s probably some combination of cost, the taste of the new publisher’s marketing department, and what works locally. But I’m only guessing. Martin, if you stop by here, perhaps you could fill us in!

  2. It’s an interesting cover but I absolutely love the US version. Especially once you get to the end of the novel.

    I don’t think I could thing of anything to improve on. Not to mention I don’t like character-centric covers.

    • I must admit I love Greg Ruth’s original cover. But it’s fun to see what other folks do with it. And I know writers who’ve had absolute nightmares with the translated novels — like covers that seem to have nothing to do with the book. So I’m pretty happy.

  3. There are various reasons to use the new cover. Foreign markets like Czech has different readers with different taste. I like the original cover, but publisher wasn´t sure, if it is the right picture for Czech edition. So they choose to make a new cover art. Sometime, there isn´t contact for the author of original cover too (just now I´m looking for the contact to Justin Sweet, I have only e-mail from his website and it doesn´t work).
    As an editor I mostly choose original cover arts, when I like it. But not each time. For examle I liked the cover for China Miéville´s “Perdido Street Station” or “The Scar”, so we want another Edward Miller´s cover to his “Iron Council” (and other books) too. The same situation was with Steph Swainston books, you can check the webpage with these covers –
    Some cover arts wou can know from English versions, but some artworks are original for Czech versions. Just now I have the cover art by Donato Giancola for sequel of “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss by the way. And it will be use only on Czech edition.
    But the important thing is to SUPPORT Czech artists too. We have some great artist and to give them jobs is a good thing. And one more thing to the end. It´s great to have some new version of the book with another cover too, isn´t it? I hope that this is great for foreign authors too. To have various cover arts on Czech or Russian editions.

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