Publishers Weekly has sympathy for the devil

I’m home today, hanging out with daughter Emma who is herself hanging out with (probably swine) flu, when Chris Roberson sent me news of this new starred review on the Publisher’s Weekly site:

The Devil’s Alphabet Daryl Gregory.

Gregory (Pandemonium) produces a quietly brilliant second novel. As a teen, Paxton Martin left the town of Switchcreek, Tenn., to escape a scandal and the retrovirus that afflicted many of the town’s inhabitants. Many died hideously, and most survivors turned into strange creatures: towering argos, parthenogenic betas, enormously obese charlies. A decade later, Pax returns home to attend the funeral of a close friend who has committed suicide. Hoping to avoid his estranged father, Pax plans to leave immediately after the funeral, but he soon finds himself caught up in both the complexities of his old life and the deep quantum weirdness that Switchcreek has become. A wide variety of believable characters, a well-developed sense of place and some fascinating scientific speculation will earn this understated novel an appreciative audience among fans of literary SF. (Dec.)

So, good news on flu day. I’m thankful.


12 thoughts on “Publishers Weekly has sympathy for the devil

  1. Thanks, everybody. It’s nice to get PWs attention, but I never believe reviews about my own work, positive or negative, unless they’re positive.

    Jenn, you already read the first 50 pages last year. That’s about it, really. The next 350 just tie up some plot threads.

    And Chuck, I’ve been told that it’s exactly half as good as Pandemonium. Or maybe she meant twice as bad — my mom’s not good at math. But anyway, thanks for buying!

    • So release day is 43 days away is there any release news? And do you have the list of stores that will be open at 12am on Nov 24th so I can line up to be the first to get my copy?


      • My local B&N will be open at midnight for the launch. We’ll be entering the store through the loading dock out back, as long as my friend remembers to silence the alarm. I’m asking all fans to come dressed as their favorite Harry Potter character. It doesn’t have anything to do with my book, I just miss all those scarves.

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