In Russia, the Reading Comes to You

Suvudu has somehow gotten ahold of the transcript of my interrogation by the KGB. It was a huge misunderstanding. I”m reading at the KGB Bar, with Peter Straub, this coming Wednesday, Feb. 17, not trying to overthrow the Soviet Union. But you try explaining that to these guys. Anyway, if you’re in NYC this week, stop on down.

As for other appearances, in April I’ll be at Norwescon in Seattle for the Philip K Dick Awards, then in Medellin, Colombia for Fractal 10.  Evidently I like to hopscotch across huge geographical areas.

In other news, The Devil’s Alphabet made Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List for 2009. I’m pleased to be on in such great company, especially with friends of mine — Greg van Eekhout, Jack Skillingstead, Nancy Kress, Paolo Bacigalupi, and more. It’s slowly dawning on me that with so many friends on a roundup like this,  I’m not really an outsider anymore. Which is kind of an adjustment for me. My preferred position is stand on the sidelines and throw rocks at the adults. I may have to rethink my life.

Oh, and last night I reached the 60K word mark on the new novel. Only 30 to 40 thousand more words to go….