More Daryl Talking to People

Forgot to mention a couple of interviews — because I must always be flogging the Daryl brand.

Recently I went on Tim O’Shea’s blog, Talking with Tim, and well, talked with Tim.  I love his blog. Tim talks to everybody — artists, singers, comic book people. He’s wide spectrum, baby. For my interview, we covered, among other things, my weird, almost-junior name, why it took so long for me to write a novel, and why I try but fail to get much humor into my stories.

And a few weeks ago, Moses Siregar asked me 7 questions, about the writing process, the hidden meanings in The Devil’s Alphabet, and threesomes. I responded with more or less 7 answers. I’m symmetrical that way. And Moses is just a cool guy who’s a new writer– you can tell he’s serious about this writing thing.

And now we cease our Brand Broadcasting day.


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