Did I mention I came back from Norwescon? Well I did.

Daryl with some big eyesI’m way behind on this blog. I keep going on trips, coming back from trips, and then never sharing it here.

So, first things first — Norwescon! Way back in in the first weekend of April. No, the Philip K Dick Award was not mine to bring home — that award when to C.L. Anderson, AKA Sarah Zettel — but I did get to pose with a giant poster of my book (pic courtesy of Leslie Howle). Man those eyes are creepy. See below for a picture of the nominees, also from Leslie Howle.

Update! Don Glover, below, just posted a link to the youtube video of me reading an excerpt from The Devil’s Alphabet. Here me doing an imitation of my cousins’ accents (but trying not to overdo it).

I had a good time at the con, especially while hanging out with Leslie, Jack Skillingstead, Mark Teppo, Dave Williams, and bunches of other people, including some spankin’ new friends. (Though very little actual spanking got done.)  Norwescon is big on costuming, and steampunks were everywhere. More goggles than you could shake a brass stick at. Also? Corsets, corsets, corsets.

Next up, pics from my incredible to trip to Medellin, Colombia, for Fractal ’10! Stay tuned, citizens.

Next time I'll bring a tux

L-R: Me, Ian McDonald, S. Andrew Swann, and award administrator David Hartwell


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  1. Hey Phiala!

    No problem — it was a lot of fun. Only about ten people, but that meant we could be informal and talk about each person’s writing and what questions they had.

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