“What We Take…” free for the taking

Hey, I’m back from Las Vegas, after five days of high level talks and important diplomatic initiatives with the Clockwork Storybook gang. (Clockwork, for those just tuning in, is a fine group of prose and comics and screen writers who invited me in to their happy band last year — our group blog is at clockworkstorybook.blogspot.com) I’m a little fried from taking the red-eye home, so someday soon I’ll blog about why the writer retreat was so darn useful, eye-opening, and well-timed: especially considering my Super Sekrit News, which I hope to reveal extremely soon.

But here’s something I can reveal: my story “What We Take When We Take What We Need” is now online at Subterranean Online Magazine. It’s an alternate take of some themes and characters from my book The Devil’s Alphabet, so you English majors out there can Compare and Contrast.

Okay, now for a nap.