This Excerpt Best Accompanied by Jan Hammer

Here’s the way it’s supposed to work, people:

  1. Writer uploads excerpt of new novel.
  2. Reader samples, like a perp dipping a wet finger into a bag of cocaine in the hit NBC show Miami Vice.
  3. The jolt is so strong, the product so pure, that the customer vows to trade a briefcase full of cash whenever product becomes available.
  4. Ha! It’s a prop! The bag is full of flour.

Okay, I may have lost control of the metaphor there. I’ve been watching a lot of reruns. All I’m trying to say is that if you want to read the prologue and first chapter of the novel I was talking about yesterday (Raising Stony Mayhall, available June 28, 2011 in Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, and back alleys) then here you go, in high-grade pdf or uncut  html.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go iron my Armani jacket.


9 thoughts on “This Excerpt Best Accompanied by Jan Hammer

  1. Great excerpt! So more playing on the edge between Science Fiction and Horror? Luckily most bookstores I visit keep those sections close. I wouldn’t want to be seen in “romance” while trying to find your books.

    What’s the deal with the crossed out Borders? And are they aware that you’ve leaked their impending demise?


    • Yep. Borders called me, told it was all over between us. It tried to get points by saying all that “it’s not you, it’s me” crap — and I said, damn right it was you. I used to live in Michigan, loved your first store, but you’ve changed. Your inventory system is a joke, you can’t keep me in stock, and I never liked your corporate parents.

      But yeah — more genre mixing in this one, another anti-horror novel.

      • At least they had the decency to call and end it and didn’t just Twitter or text you. Personally I prefer to just stop all communication without any explanation and leave the other party in limbo for a few months.


  2. I’m on board, man! I found Pandemonium this time last year and it’s been my go-to gift for friends. (The Devil’s Alphabet was pretty terrific, too!) I’m pre-ordering Raising Stony Mayhill and can’t wait ’till June.

    Also, any chance of a short story collection in the next year or two? I want to pass on Lord Grimm and Damascus as well.


  3. Glad to have you aboard, Jake. And why yes, I AM working on a collection. (I should pay you for that segue.) It will be out sometime this year, from Fairwood Press. The book will reprint the stories you mentioned, a bunch of others, and a couple originals. I’ll post more details as I get them.

  4. Daryl,

    I’m so pleased to finally get to pre-order Raising Stony Mayhill. I also ordered extra copies for sons and friends! Can’t wait for June.

    Keep on writing – I love your books!


  5. I really like the prologue and first chapter. I read your first two books and love them too. I always wanted to read a different take on the zombie genre. I’ll mark this book on my calendar.

    This year is going to be an awesome year for the sff genre. A new Abraham, Rothfuss, Abercrombie, Erikson, Lynch and of course your new book. Yum.

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