Vampires! Apes! Vampire Apes!

Okay, no vampire apes. But that would be cool.

Dracula: Company of Monsters #8 is on the stands now. The Horror News Network has an 8-page preview. I’m excited for people to see this one. One, Scott Godlewski’s artwork in this issue kicks ass. He gets so much emotion out of Evan, our main character, and in this issue we put Evan through the wringer. For eight issues, Evan’s been pushed around–by Dracula, his uncle Conrad, and Marta the vampire hunter–and in this issue he is finally pushed to the brink. This is the  issue that ends act 2 of the story, and launches act 3. The rest of the story arc proceeds at a dead run. (Which would have been a good subtitle for this book.)

And this week, the “official” press release for the new Planet of the Apes book went live, and I’m now drowning in PR tasks. Coming up in the next two weeks, I’ll be doing a dozen email interviews, as well as podcasts, forum chats, and one radio interview — with Sohaib at Fictional Frontiers. I love Sohaib’s show, which is broadcast from Philadelphia, but can also be listened to on the web. He’s had me on to talk about my first novel and had me on again for Devil’s Alphabet.

Oh, about that forum chat. If you’re a POTA fan, you might dig the POTA Community Yahoo group.  You wouldn’t believe all the resources this group has collected. Rare images, trivia, audio files…  And they’re extremely active. You want to talk apes 24-7, they’re there for you.  And I’ll be there for you, at least for an hour.  I’ll be doing a live chat on the forum on Wednesday, March 30, from 4-5pm Eastern.

One more thing — they’re about to release the preview for Apes, and Carlos Magno’s art is unbelievably beautiful. When it comes out I’ll post here, because you have to see it.