Calm, Cool, and Collected

Patrick Swenson, the man behind Fairwood Press, has just released the cover for Unpossible and Other Stories, my collection of short stories that he’ll be publishing this fall. The cover is very cool, which makes me happy, and therefore calm.

Unpossible cover, by Antonello Silverini

Cover by Antonello Silverini. Click to enlarge.

We recruited Antonello after seeing the beautiful job he’d done on the cover for the Italian version of Pandemonium. Love this man’s work! Check out his portfolio at

I’ll have more news on the collection as we get closer, but I can tell you this: We’ll be launching the book at the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego this fall.


4 thoughts on “Calm, Cool, and Collected

  1. Offline, Mr. YetiStomper wanted to know if Ralph Wiggum inspired the title.

    I wish I could say yes. However, I now want to write a story called “Bovine University”


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