Geffen Awards

I got an email tonight from Rani Graff of Graff Publishing, my publisher in Israel, reminding me that this is the week of the Geffen Awards– and the Hebrew version of my first novel, Pandemonium, is up for Best Translated Book. It should also be up for Best Cover Ever, but evidently they don’t have a category for that.

Other nominees are: Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson, Accelerando by Charles Stross, The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, and Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Part 2) by  some nobody named Suzanne Collins. Hah! I kid! Please, Suzanne, do not have me killed in an open field by photogenic teenagers.

The Geffen Awards are presented by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and are not named after media titan David Geffen. (You can read about the Amos Geffen and the award on this English version of their web page — which only goes up to 2008. If you can read Hebrew, go here.)

I’m so grateful to Rani Graff for bringing the book to Israel, and to Didi Chanoch for doing the translation. Didi’s a hugely energetic guy that I got to meet in person last year at World Fantasy. (Didi, I’m sorry that the first time we talked I was having trouble speaking English. But you, sir, were eloquent in two languages.)

Rani and Didi, I’m pulling for you!

UPDATE 10/4/12: Alas, it’s photogenic, homicidal teenagers for the win. Pandemonium lost to Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire. Not even my mother is surprised by that.


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