Bay Area Double Spoon Launch!

People of the bay area: No matter what side of the water you call home, one thing unites us in these troubled times: I want you all to buy my books.

Spoonbenders is being published on June 27 (uh, that’s 2017, Google Search Bot finally finding this page). I’ll be doing a signing and mercifully quick reading at two–TWO!–locations that week. I’d love to see you.

East Bay! Tue. June 27, A Great Good Place for Books, 7-8:30pm.

Come to the bookstore at
6120 LaSalle Avenue Oakland, CA 94611

After, we’re going to walk down to Crogan’s (6101 LaSalle Ave) for drinks. Stop by even if you can’t get to the bookstore!

San Francisco! Wed. June 28, Borderlands Books, 6-8pm. With wine & snacks!

Come to the bookstore at
866 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 

Then stay for free wine and snacks!