Pandemonium Launch Party

Books, beer, and chili, people!

If you’re in the State College area on Sunday, September 7, 2008 you’re invited to the Pandemonium Two-Stage Launch party.

Stage One will be a reading and signing at the State College Barnes & Noble at 3pm. B&N will have books on hand for sale.

Then afterward — Stage Two, if you’re digging the organizational structure I’ve laid down in this post — we’ll have everyone over to my house at around 4:30 for appetizers, beer, lesser beverages, and chili. The chili will be provided in two spice levels, “Sane” and “Demonic.”  (Persons possessed by vegetarianism will also be accommodated.) If you need to skip the B&N portion, just show up at the house around 4:30. If you’ve pre-ordered a book, just bring it to the house and I’ll sign it there.

For directions to the house, email me at Hope you can come!

My thanks to B&N’s Meredith Rogers for hosting the signing, and to my in-house public relations manager, Kathy Bieschke, for hosting the Stage Two party.


6 thoughts on “Pandemonium Launch Party

  1. How can you have a book signing if the book doesn’t come out for another 26 days?

    Though I did notice that in your ReaderCon pic, you are holding what appears to be a copy of the book. I just assumed that it was photo shopped in…


  2. I can do it if the signing isn’t for 37 days. Of course, if the book fails to come out, I’ll just have to sign people’s foreheads.

    The book in the picture hasn’t been photoshopped in — it’s an Advance Reader Copy with marketing info on the back instead of whatever will be there when it comes out for real. Usually ARCs are just plain fronts, but Del Rey opted for a full-color printing, which is very cool.

  3. Damn, now I’m doubly pissed I’m not independently wealthy. First I have to skip Denvention, and now I can’t take my Learjet to State College. And not being able to ship wine to Pennsylvania is just an extra insult.

  4. Adam, you think you’re pissed? I was planning on you becoming my patron, if the Oprah thing doesn’t work out. (Oprah: Call me back, okay? Don’t let the restraining order keep us apart.)

    But bummer you won’t be at Denvention, dude. I wanted to buy you a beer.

    And Paul — I feel like the pub date is Christmas, but with reviewers. (“I’m sorry, I don’t think this gift is working. It wrapped well, and the battery installation went off without a hitch, but it just doesn’t deliver on the holiday joy. I’m returning mine for a gift card from Hollister.”)

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