Reading at ReaderCon

A couple of days ago at ReaderCon 2008 I did my first ever reading from Pandemonium. Two scenes, one of which involved singing. (Note to self: skip the singing next time.) 

Reading at ReaderCon

Reading at ReaderCon -- click to see the full-size version (with annotations)

I’d like to personally think all the people who showed up. Most people who say that—I’m thinking Celine Dion here—aren’t really going to think everyone personally. She’s a big ol’ French-Candian liar. But me, I totally can. Why? Because there were only five of you in the room, and all of you I begged personally to show up, even offering bribes. So:

Elaine Isaak, you’re a champ and I still owe you a non-beer beverage. David Louis Edelman, nobody looks better in a hat, and I still have to buy you something wet as well.  Sarah K. Castle, thanks for making time in the middle of what was for you a weekend-long family reunion. Sandra McDonald, you’re a star. No, you are! No, you are…And Paolo Bacigalupi, stop heckling me.


4 thoughts on “Reading at ReaderCon

  1. No, *you* are!!!

    I tell you, I was driving along Monday and crossing train tracks, and your scene just kept popping up in my head — vivid and funny and scary, and damn if I don’t have to go buy the book to find out how it turned out. Like I need another book. Good grief.

  2. OMG, there was singing!!! Why does no one tell me these things?

    But, Paolo was there! How many more people do you really need?

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