Short and Sweet Interview with PW

More blatant self-promotion: Publisher’s Weekly ran this interview with me today about what the heck I was thinking of when I wrote Pandemonium.

Some day I should write something in this blog that doesn’t involve flogging the new novel.

So… How ’bout them Cubs?


3 thoughts on “Short and Sweet Interview with PW

  1. Yes! Readers, I want something that expresses your inner demon. Any music is allowed, but extra credit given for any lyrics that use the words “demon”, “devil”, or “Jungian archetype.”

    Prize is a signed copy of Pandemonium, and a signed copy of the Dozois’ year’s best that contains “Second Person, Present Tense.”

    Seriously. Just send me a link to the YouTube video you’ve created.

    I figure that Adam may be the only person to actually try this — he seems to have way too much time on his hands– but if anybody else has the cajones, they’ll automatically be in the finals.

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