Next Step: Evoking Stephen King’s Sales Figures

Kirkus Reviews has the first professional review of my new book that will be out in November, The Devil’s Alphabet. I was pretty happy with the first few paragraphs, and then I got to the last sentence :

Engaging sophomore effort from the author of Pandemonium (2008) paints a highly original portrait of a town irrevocably changed by a bizarre disease. … [Snipping the plot summary]

The plot sometimes meanders, but the talented author has a wonderful eye for detail, and his descriptions of how the horrific mutations have affected every aspect of small-town life are both compelling and creepy.

Evokes the best of Stephen King: Gregory is a writer to watch.

Frankly, I would have been happy evoking the worst of King. Certainly the mediocre of King. But this, this is just gravy.

And it occurs to me that I’ve been doing a poor job of promoting this book. Details, the opening chapter, and a picture of the disturbing cover, are all here.


5 thoughts on “Next Step: Evoking Stephen King’s Sales Figures

  1. You get nominated for too many awards to “evoke King.” You need to develop some scorn from the main stream press, sell out to hollywood, make your money and *then* drive the literary establishment grudgingly to its knees. You’re going about it ass backwards, my man.

  2. So is there a cover art theme starting here? Last book was pan-DEMON-ium, now we have the d-EVIL-‘s alphabet. So we can expect that the title of your next book will be “the adventures of the FEAR-less”?


  3. I really wish that “evil” wasn’t in red. It’s not that kind of book. But yeah, I think they’re thinking of a link to PanDEMONium.

    But now that the art department has decided on a theme, my next book will have to be called “Satan Satan Satan.” But in the middle Satan, “tan” will be beige.

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