Making my saving throw

Ah, my first game.

The gateway drug that led me to D&D and Champions.

Randolph Carter writes the gaming blog Grinding to Valhalla. He regularly interviews SF & fantasy authors,with a slant toward how gaming—including roleplaying games, computer games, and board games—influenced the writers.  From reading Pandemonium, he somehow sensed (I’m shocked) that I may have played a few RPGs in my day.

We talked about my gaming history—all the way back to Chainmail, people!—the differences between GMing a game and writing a story, which demon I’d play if they made Pandemonium into an MMO, why I avoid playing those online games anyway, and passing the torch:

“Now my son, who is 13, runs his own games. I’m as proud of that as any ex-high school athlete whose son has learned to throw a 90 mph fastball.”

The interview is here.


One thought on “Making my saving throw

  1. Look at you, kicking out the Chainmail cred. Yeah, that’s a nice D&D game you’re playing there. I mean, it’s nice enough. Too bad I was playing when it was Chainmail, bitches! Wooo!

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