Public Relations on a Stick

This week, I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about impaling, impalers, impalees. The whole impalement spectrum, really. Early in the week I finished the first draft of Dracula: Company of Monsters #1, then had the Clockwork Storybook pros review it and give me notes. (Like: “Daryl, you can’t introduce two new characters, have a dense conversation, and put seven panels all on one page.”) Anyway, Kurt Busiek and the Boom editors are looking it over, and I’ll finish the final edits this weekend.

And in the past couple of days I’ve been doing PR for the book, mostly doing email interviews with the comics press. Kurt Busiek is doing all the heavy work on the interviews — the book was his idea, after all, and he’s the architect of this narrative edifice — so while he offers cogent explanations of the story and its genesis, I interrupt with wise-assery. It’s a job I like.

But the other day I had to fly solo. I had a great conversation with Sean and Jim of the comics podcast Raging Bullets. Oh wait, let’s get the logo:

Raging Bullets

See how it says “fan podcast”? These guys really are fans, and they talk about books they love — and it’s clear they’re having more fun than anyone else. They’re lifelong friends, and they’ve been doing this podcast for years.

They mostly concentrate on DC books, but lately they’ve been branching out, and they took time to have me on to talk about Dracula, the difference between working in prose and comics, and yes, impalements. I had a blast. You can listen to me at the 88 minute mark on Episode 212, if you’re into that kind of thing. (Thanks, Mom.) But  why not just subscribe to the podcast? You’ll have fun. Sean and Jim are the Click and Clack of Comics.


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  1. We loved having you on the show. We really appreciated your time. The book sounds really fantastic and we can’t wait to talk about it on the show when it is released later this summer. Congrats on such a great project.

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