Book o’ the Month

So this is cool: The Devil’s Alphabet will be the August book of the month over on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog. Mr. Mallozzi is a producer on the Stargate television shows, including the most recent in the franchise, Stargate Universe — but he’s trying to get fans to read SF too. Imagine!

Joseph’s gotten a wide range of writers to do BotM — including Michael Moorcock, Jeffrey Ford, and Jasper Fforde. Ellen Kushner is finishing up June, and Alastair Reynolds will be doing July. The blog also covers an entertaining mix of TV, SF, and general weirdness.

Anyway, I’ll be answering questions over there starting in August, so drop on by.

Oh, and on the Dracula front, Kurt Busiek and I opine about impalements and the new comic on Newsarama.


5 thoughts on “Book o’ the Month

  1. I tried, but your spam filter ate it, so I’ll repeat it without the links. Yesterday was a good day for me, as my first ever published short story appeared in Crossed Genres AND I have an article in the new issue of Clarkesworld.

    And it was my birthday.

    Thanks for asking!

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