Dracula arises!

The first review of Dracula: Company of Monsters is up on Newsarama, and it’s a kind review at that. They’re completely right about Scott Godlewski’s art and Stephen Downer’s coloring. Fantastic stuff.

Update: Second review (also very nice — a 7.9 out 8.0) from the Multiversity Comics site.

Oh, and I recently did a couple interviews. In the Talking Comics with Tim column on the Robot 6 blog, Tim and I… talk. About comics. And things like how Kurt Busiek and I split the writing work, the difference between writing novels and writing comics, and my life as a corporate drone.

And over on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog (Joe is a producer and writer on the Stargate TV franchise, and his first short story is in the Masked superhero anthology), I answer questions from readers. Joe picked The Devil’s Alphabet as his book of the month, then generously opened his blog for discussion. As Joe called the post:

Author Daryl Gregory makes a return visit to discuss the Kirby-Lee gene, the mystifying popularity of the Kardashians, and, oh yeah, his novel The Devil’s Alphabet!

Some Dracula stuff is in there as well.

And did I mention that Dracula #1 comes out today? No? Well it does. And if you’re in State College Saturday, stop by the Comic Swap from 1:00-2:00 pm and I’ll sign your copy. And any blank checks you have.


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