The Messiah Returns

New News About Old News, Take 1:

Thanks to GoogleStats, I know that one of my most popular blog posts is the first one I ever wrote, in June 2007: Virgin Hammerhead Gives Birth to Shark Messiah. What can I say? When I first started blogging I thought I would fill my site with handcrafted comedy — and I’d been reading a lot of The Onion.

New News About Old News, Take 2:

Almost two years ago I was mentioned in an article by SF Signal called Who Are the Next Big Genre Stars? Editors of various stripes put together a list of 18 new writers to keep an eye on. It completely failed to change my life.

But thank the great Spaghetti Monster, SF Signal keeps trying to help a brother out. Yesterday they ran a followup article, The Next Big Genre Stars… In their own Words, where some of the writers in that list answered this question: “What story or stories, by you, would you recommend for readers new to your work?” Which meant the writers had to overcome their natural shyness about self-promotion — I kill me — and talk about themselves.  But there are lotsa links to good stories, there.

Actual New News:

I’m getting ready to go to the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio at the end of the month. Very much looking forward to seeing old friends and reconnect with the spec fic world, and if you’re going, hunt me down in the bar. I’ll be wearing the Shark Messiah Pope Hat.


6 thoughts on “The Messiah Returns

  1. Daryl,

    I’m scheduled to be on a panel with you at World Fantasy so I looked up your website, and here I am! I read Pandemonium as a member of the award committee of the Mythopoeic Society and was very happy to see it as a finalist. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Con.

  2. Hi Ellen! I haven’t gotten my schedule from World Fantasy yet, so hopefully we’re on an interesting panel. If not, let’s make it interesting. Maybe we can stage a fight. See you in Columbus!

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