Pandemonium, now in Zesty Italian

Today I got an email from Antonello Silverini, the artist who did the cover for the Italian version of Pandemonium now available from the publishing house Fanucci Editore– and the cover is quite cool. He went for the pure Americana at the heart of the book, which is all about pop culture, comic books, and science fiction going back to the 40’s, and the cover includes all kinds of “clues” and references from the book. I love it.

Pandemonium Italian Cover

Click to see a large version

Check out Antonello’s website, for his portfolio. He does very interesting things with photos and collage and text, and you know that he’s pays special attention to the content of the novels he’s illustrating, looking through the book for the right image to illustrate. You MUST check out his series of Philip K Dick covers.  His Man in the High Castle particularly knocks me out.


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    • I can’t read Italian, but I think it’s going to be pretty good, based on working with the translator. Cristina Genovese contacted me several times during the translation, asking me about slang or ambiguous terms, or confirming her research (like how she tracked down what an “Italian beef” was — a sandwich Chicagoans love, but doesn’t exist in Italy). When a word didn’t exist in Italian, she listed alternates and asked me which one was closest. It was an education for me, and I think it’s a sign that it’s going to be a nuanced translation.

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