Can’t Keep a Good Man Down, Part 1

Part 2 we’ll cover tomorrow, but today’s good man is Dracula. Okay, maybe not so good, but I like him.

Dracula 5 coverDracula: Company of Monsters #5 is out tomorrow, and Pop Culture Network has a seven-page preview and a five-star review. They open with this:

After the climax of issue number four I was legitimately concerned that this smart and unique monster series would descend into a more stereotypical and uninspired gore-fest. Thankfully that is not what happened. Instead the series provided its best issue yet, featuring plenty of surprises, converging plot threads and a re-ignited storyline…  This has been a series not lacking in surprises but this issue delivered them one right after another.

Yep, #4 ended with Drac laying waste to half a dozen security guards and sucking a main character dry– the bloodiest issue yet. Issue #5 begins act two of the story, with Evan dealing with the aftermath, and the other characters making their moves. It also features several pages of Dracula critiquing the Eden story while conjuring the world’s coolest tree fort. What more could you want?

I’m just happy that people are sticking with the series. I’m working on the scripts for act three, which takes all the initial premises and conflicts to their logical extremes. It’s so much fun. And the trade paperback of volume 1, collecting issues 1-4, will be out later this month, so it’s not too late to hop on the Dracula bandwagon

Have I done enough huckstering? Would Stan Lee be proud? I hope so. No, I KNOW so!

’nuff said.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down, Part 1

  1. Thanks for the kind review of our review! (WHOA! META!) Ryan Porter really enjoys the series and forced me to pay attention to it. Hopefully you can try to make it to C2E2 this year. We’d love to interview you! Also, The Pop Culture Network has a comic book subsite at if you just want the comic stuff.

    • I’d love to do C2E2 — I’m a native Chicagoan! I suppose I should get my act together if I’m going. Thanks for the interview offer, and I’ll write back if I’m going.

      But thanks more for review. And now we should stop the mutual thanking, before this turns into a recursive stack overflow.

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