Happy to be your dealer

And now, best blurb ever: “It’s like pages are laced with cocaine, I am so hooked on this damn thing.”

That was Aron Head talking about Dracula: Company of Monsters. I had a BLAST last night talking to Aron and Paul Aponte, the co-founders of the Ideology of Madness website and the podcast Funny Books with Aron & Paulie. Every week Paul, Aron, and their cohort of disembodied voices roll out a rollicking review of the week’s comics. (Which is the  kind of thing I say when I’ve been reading too many Stan Lee comics.)

In the past couple weeks they’ve been catching up on Dracula: Company of Monsters, basically inhaling issues 1 thru 9, and that’s when they gushing started. I usually dislike gushing — where’s the ironic detachment? the cool intellectualism? the hipsterism? — but I make an exception when it’s about me.

The interview will be broadcast whenever they edit out my drunken giggling. (I’d had a lot of really good Thai food before we’d started talking). But on their site now are their reviews.

On the April 24 2011 Episode — “That’s not Bunny Dust!” — the boys discuss the first two trade paperbacks of Drac, covering issues 1 to 8. Tune in around the 55:30 mark.

And on the May 2 2011 Episode — “The Woeful Tears of Paul Aponte” — they review Drac #9 and Planet of the Apes #1. That comes in about 1:14:30.

What I like about their podcast is that they obviously love comics, and like to talk about the books they dig, but they’re definitely not always gushing, and they’re damn entertaining when they argue with each other. I suggest subscribing. They’re coming up on 100 episodes, so they’re in it for the long haul.