PW digs Stony

So here’s a nice way to start your day: At 8am yesterday, my agent called. Publisher’s Weekly had just covered Raising Stony Mayhall, and not only had they given it a starred review, but they made it their pick of the week. And today that review is online.

They open with “Richly textured settings and nuanced characters mark this introspective novel…” and end with “His unique narration elevates this zombie story well above others of its kind.” Other nice stuff is in between.

I’m a bit relieved. This is the first major review of the book, and even if all later reviews suck, I can cling like Spider-Man to this one. (Query: Why doesn’t Doctor Octopus have suckers on his arms? Seems like an oversight.)

In other Stony news, there’s one day left in the Stony giveway. As I write this, 664 people have signed up for the 20 books, which means at least 644 losers to console.

I’m sorry people. It’s a cruel world.  But you know what always makes me feel better? Buying a book. I know, right? Maybe there’s a book you wanted that you could order right now on Amazon





5 thoughts on “PW digs Stony

  1. Great review, and I’m glad you posted it; I was ordering some stuff from Amazon, so I preordered the new book. Yay–but boo, it won’t ship for a while. 😉

    Congrats on the review!

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