Pandemonium in Hebrew

For all you folks in Israel and beyond who like to read the way God intended it — from right to left — I’m pleased to announce that Pandemonium is now available in Hebrew from the Israeli publisher, Graff Publishing.

Pop art wildness! Click to see the high-res version.

Man, I love that cover. And I’m amazed by the different choices made by each publisher. Here’s the North American original, followed by the Italian and Czech versions:

Pandemonium Italian Cover

Oh, and if you want to buy, here are the links:  Hebrew, Italian, Czech, or classic English in paper or Kindle versions.


3 thoughts on “Pandemonium in Hebrew

  1. I love seeing other countries covers. I liked the U.S. cover a lot, and the Czech cover rocks as well (but in a very different way). I don’t care much for the Italian cover.

    But the Israeli one just makes me go . . . “Huh?!?!?!” 😉

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