My personal rapture


On Saturday moning, June 11, I shall disappear.  I am highly confident of this. I have received this revelation in the form of plane tickets, and the date upon those tickets is clear. I will miss you, but I will think of you often from my place in the Afterlife–Austin, Texas.

You see, next week I will be on retreat with a bunch of other writers from the Clockwork Storybook crew: Chris Roberson, Matt Sturges, Bill Willingham, Mark Finn, Bill Williams, and special guests Dave Justus and Paul Tobin. I drop their names not only to increase hits to this blog (hey there, Fables fans! Nothing to see here), but to make you jealous.

You see, the Afterlife is full of good writers who talk about interesting things. The whole point of such a retreat is to  (a) gas up the metaphorical tanks, (b) talk about careers, (c) commiserate, and most importantly, (d) drink. I mean Write. Write Like Hell. And I have a lot of writing to get done.

According the rental office, the Afterlife’s connection to the internet is feeble to non-existent. This is a good thing for productivity, but not so good for keeping in touch with friends, especially as a book is about to come out.  However, if you use your Ouija board, I may answer simple questions, such as, Will you return to this vale of tears? Alas, I already know the answer, as it is written on this return plane ticket. I’ll see you mortals in about a week.



4 thoughts on “My personal rapture

  1. Hey, Christopher. We should make that a top priority. I mean, *I* miss the blog. I’ll propose this to the Clockwork gang: during the retreat, everybody has to write one post on the process of writing. Then when we get back to the real world and a real internet connection, BLAM. Actually, BLAM x 8.

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