(pre)View to a Kill

Well, I’m back from the Clockwork Retreat. There was boating. There was talking. There was eating and drinking and the telling of terrible, terrible jokes. There was even a little writing.

We finished the week by doing a signing at the wonderful comics shop, Austin Books. I say “we”, even though the crowd was 90% Bill Willingham fans, and Bill had to sign a metric Jesus ton of stock. Still, Evil Matt Sturges (completely different from regular Matt Sturges, because Evil Matt has a goatee) signed a lot of Dr. Who and Jack of Fables and House of Mystery, and Mark Finn was there signing  Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #2 with his El Borak story in it. I even managed to sell a few ape and Dracula comics.

Just some friends dropping in. Click to enlarge.

Speaking of which, we’re in the home stretch with ol’ Drac. Dracula: The Company of Monsters #11 is on sale now, and there’s a free preview on FearNet.  It’s the big vampire fight we’ve all been waiting for. (Well, at least I have, and I know the artist, Scott Godlewski, was aching to draw more than people arguing in board rooms.)  Evan, our previously waffling protagonist, implements the plan he’s been working on for the past 4 issues, and Drac brings out a few friends from the old country. I’m just so happy that people are getting to see what we’ve been building toward. #12 will be the final issue, and we complete Evan’s story.

Also on sale starting tomorrow, Planet of the Apes #3. There’s a free preview on Comic Book Resources, where you can see all three variant covers. We reveal a major secret in this issue. I hope you dig it.

Two simians enter, one simian leaves... (Click to enlarge)