A History of Zombie Violence

Well, tomorrow’s launch day for Raising Stony Mayhall. My thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and told me about it — your signed bookplates are in the mail.If you ordered from Amazon, I heard from several people that they shipped yesterday — on my birthday. Did I mention it was my birthday, yesterday? I’m 46. I am not dismayed by this number, because I believe you are only as old as the person you feel — so go out there and feel a younger person today!

Wait, that didn’t come out right.

Moving on, this week is all about the PR. Suvudu.com, the site run by Del Rey Spectra, has the first 50 pages of Stony up, with a few paragraphs of intro by me, talking about my new favorite word: Zombildungsroman. It also has a quick trivia questionnaire, called Take Five, where I spill the beans on a few behind-the-scenes items that went into the book.

I’m also doing a little guest-blogging–basically, barging into friends’ blogs and messing up the joint. First up this week,  fantasy author and old pal Joshua Palmatier let me into his LiveJournal page to talk about A History of Zombie Violence.  I link to more of those as they go live.

Oh, and if you didn’t get to pre-order, here are some places to do that in alphabetical order:

Barnes & Noble
Flights of Fantasy Books (great indie bookstore)
Powell’s Books


2 thoughts on “A History of Zombie Violence

  1. Congratulations! So exciting. Nice review in Locus too, even if you really aren’t Greg Egan. 🙂 I haven’t pre-ordered; in this case I’d rather buy it from somewhere local, but I’ll try to do so tomorrow. And I don’t want a bookplate, I want you to sign it yourself.

    I’m so demanding.

    And my birthday is Friday. You’re ahead of me there, but not by much.

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