Pandemonium, the television show

UPDATE (8/4/2011): I’ve been contacted by NAME OF COMPANY of FAMOUS DIRECTOR to please not mention his name.  This, despite the fact that the news has been reported in Publisher’s Marketplace, which is read by the press, and the has been spread  all over teh internets.

So, please accept this redacted post:

Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not.

Publishers Marketplace just announced it, and Tim Pratt outed me on twitter, so I suppose I should acknowledge it here — FAMOUS DIRECTOR  (you know, that FAMOUS MOVIE TITLE guy? Who is brilliant?) and his company, NAME OF COMPANY, picked up the option for Pandemonium, with an eye toward making it into a TV show. This is just an option, the first step in a staircase of a million steps, and options that make it all the way to the small or large screen are the exception rather than the rule. The rare exception, I’ve been told.  So don’t get too excited, Mom.

And I know what you’re thinking — why can’t you just enjoy it when something positive happens? It’s in my nature to immediately pop any balloon of good news, but today I will merely deflate it a little, by inhaling its rich, helium like gasses, and then talk in a funny voice for the rest of the day.



15 thoughts on “Pandemonium, the television show

  1. The cool thing is Aronofsky really seems to push for the things he likes and makes them happen.

    So sure, odds are Pandemonium won’t see the small screen…

    But the odds seem to be at least little more in your favor of something good happening and not having things butchered along the way. Congrats!

    You know what, I’ll do the jumping up and down for you. You can be the responsible adult.

  3. Congrats; if nothing else, you got money and there’s a chance. So celebrate, dude! 🙂 I will dance around you while you talk in a funny voice.

    • You have gone SO Hollywood with your redactions and all. I hardly recognize the the Daryl I used to know.

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