Surrounded by Apes

…and we’re back.

First I disappeared to Comic-Con in San Diego, where a good time was had by me, if not all — I pity those poor folks who have to wait in line. But it was pretty cool to walk onto  the floor and see the Planet of the Apes banner hanging over the BOOM! booth. Here’s a photo taken by family friend Jean Yeatman:

And then we tacked on a family vacation that included the San Diego zoo and Disneyland, and then I came home to a lot of work that had piled up while I was gone, and then there was the whole announcement of the television thing. Boy, did that get weird, with the production company issuing denials and asking me to change my blog.

There are a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to pass on, so today I’ll do the apes stuff, and later I’ll do an update on Raising Stony Mayhall.

Rise o’ the Apes

Last night, I took the kids out to see the new movie, and it was pretty damn good. Andy Serkis’ performance as Caesar the chimp is the heart of the movie, and everytime he’s on screen you can’t look away. I recommend.

Me, Talking about Apes

Two interviews just went up. Part 1 of my conversation with Matthew from the Comics.. and Other Imaginary Tales blog is live, and my interview with Jeff of the Scoop newsletter is now live. Jeff also reviews issue #4, which is really a review of the series so far.

Apes Giveaway!

The great guys at Ideology of Madness are holding Ape Week to celebrate all things POTA. (That’s Planet of the Apes for you people with lives.)  They’re giving away the first trade paperback of the Planet of the Apes comic, signed by me. Do it! It’s free!

Or Just Buy It

Click to enlarge any of these fine, fine covers. The links will let you buy online from BOOM!


Out now
— and it’s got a surprise ending.

Out in a week or so
— for a dollar. That’s right, a measly, buck.
Volume 1 Trade

Also out soon
— the trade paperback that collects issues 1 through 4, for only $9.99. So you can get the complete story up to number 5 for 11 bucks. Such a deal.

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  1. Just picked your Planet of the Apes comic book and I’m loving it! Seriously great stuff It’s now on my pull list, and I’m grabbing Pandemonium from amazon. Cheers!

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