Party in the UK and Japan

Some good news: Afterparty will be translated into English. As in English English, which may include changing all my mid-word Z’s to S’s, as their organisations are wont to do. They also say wont a lot. The book will be published in the UK by Titan Books on August 18, 2014, which coincides with Loncon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention. We’ll be doing some kind of launch activity there. Many thanks to John Berlyne at Zeno Agency, who brokered the deal. He’s an absurdly tall man, but he uses his powers for good.

Soon after learning about the Titan Books deal, I learned that Afterparty would also be translated into Japanese. The books’ been picked up by Tokyo Shogensa, via Misa Morikawa at Tuttle Mori Agency. This is the first time I’ve had a book published in either country. So that’s cool.