The Afterparty Tour

It’s on, people! When Afterparty launches on April 22, 2014, I’ll be making several appearances at cons and bookstores. Here’s the ones I can confirm, and there will be more coming.

Updated 3/17/14.  Portland and Seattle changed! (We found out that SFWA was doing its reading series on those dates, and I didn’t want to split the public with my fellow SFWAns, so a little joining forces [Seattle] and a little shuffling of dates [Portland]).

C2E2. Chicago, Friday, April 25; 1:30-2:30 PM, South Building, McCormick Place. A discussion panel on SF with signing to follow. C2E2 is a Chicago comic and pop culture expo. The panel is described thusly:
“From the far flung reaches of the Milky Way the mind-bending possibilities of time travel, let authors John Scalzi (The Human Division), Daryl Gregory (Afterparty), M.D. Waters (Prototype), and Mark Frost (the Paladin Prophesy series) tell you what they see when they venture to other dimensions.”

Barnes & Noble Oakbrook Center, Oakbrook, IL, Saturday, April 26, 2pm. My hometown bookstore! Or at least as close as we could get.

Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills CrossingBeaverton, OR, Monday April 28, 7pm. My first visit to Portland. Can’t wait.

SFWA reading seriesKirkland, WA, Tuesday April 29, 7pm. Seattle, my OTHER home town. I seriously want to move here. I’ll be reading with Nancy Kress, Jack Skillingstead, and Leah Cutter.

Copperfield’s in Petaluma, Petaluma, CA, Friday May 2, 7pm.  Just north of the San Francisco bay, this huge bookstore puts an emphasis on introducing authors to readers.

Borderlands Books, San Francisco, Saturday, May 3, 3pm. I love these people.

Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, Sunday May 4, 2pm. And these people! Seriously, Borderlands and Mysterious Galaxy are two bedrock bookstores for the field. For writers like me, indie booksellers who know SF and fantasy are the difference between (career) life and death.

SF in SF Reading Series. San Jose, Thursday, May 15, 7pm. Free to Nebula Award Weekend attendees, $10 for others. All proceeds benefit the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. I’ll be opening for Samuel R. Delany, new SFWA Grandmaster, and my teacher at Clarion back in ’88. Chip Delany was the teacher who had the most effect on my sentences, and is largely responsible for my first sale. Love this man.

I’ll also be attending these cons in 2014, and perhaps doing some reading and paneling:

I’ll have more news later, including details on a book launch party in State College, PA.