People who speak for me

Back when I was a high school teacher, I had a 40-minute commute each way, and I listened to a lot of audio books. Most were just okay. But I realized early on that when an audio book is terrible, it’s probably the book’s fault. No actor can save a bad book.

But when an audio book is great, it’s because they’ve found a great actor to go with a great book.

David MarantzWith the audio version of Raising Stony Mayhall, I felt extremely lucky to get David Marantz. He’s great–which means that if the book fails for you, it’s all my fault.

What I love about Dave’s performance is that his rich voice brings so much warmth to the book–which you really need in a novel that’s supposed to be about the nicest zombie in the world.

And Dave likes the book. My friend Marjie Nye pointed this out to me: has a page for their voice actors to post videos about The Best Book I’ve Ever Narrated. Scroll down that page to see Dave’s entry about about why he dug Stony.  (Or, just buy the audible version!)

Tavia GilbertAfterparty will also be available from They just finished recording, and while I haven’t heard it yet, I’ve talked to the actor and I’ve got that lucky feeling again.

The fabulous Tavia Gilbert is narrating this one. She contacted me early on to clarify some pronunciations of names in the book, and we talked on the phone a bit about the main character Lyda and her alter ego Dr. Gloria: two voices, one brain. I’m psyched to hear the results, and I’ll post a link when the audio book’s available.

Update: The version of Afterparty is now available for preorder!


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